QUANTUM DUCK IS FIFTEEN YEARS OLD THIS YEAR! In honor of his long tenure as comic doodle I have reworked the character designs and begun a new retelling of the Quantum Duck story cycle. From this page you'll be able to see material from throughout Quantum Duck's 15 year lifespan, as well as take a peek at the new work.

It's a daily strip? It's in color?! The Sunday format ones are in Black and White?!! What on earth is going on?!!! It's a brand new way to experience the humorous world of Quantum Duck!. This comic posits QD meeting a very young Wiley Eggbert. For a quick introduction to the cast of characters click on this Quantum Duck Guide to Reality.

Quantum Duck Daily. Check out the new character designs, and see how QD might appear as a web comic. I'm not making any promises, but this may become the way I do Quantum Duck from here out!

Quantum Duck Fun Science Newsletter. This is how it all began. The full page format comics are rotated monthly. This month's newsletter regards time travel. Actually, every other lesson regards time travel. (There'll be an archive soon).

Here is a link to the complete archive of old "Chaos" comics. These autobiographical comics were created during the 90's when autobiographical comics were all the rage. ;-)

Quantum Duck related artwork and Sketches show up here from time to time.

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