ELCOME! jESSElAND is the only themepark devoted to recreating the contents of Jesse Garson's brain. Here you can enter Jesse's head without any of the unpleasantness ordinarily associated with such journeys! The park is separated into four sections (just like Disneyland), each accessible from anywhere in the park by clicking one of the 'navislices' to the left.

In the Still Art area you can view a portfolio of artwork. Jesse has done comics, textbook illustrations, storyboards, and extensive visual design for games, motion graphics and DVDs. Hopefully this selection will convince you to hire Jesse for your illustration, animation, multimedia, or visualization needs.

In the Motion area you can access information about some of Jesse's video projects. Do you need to know who Jesse worked on a video with in 1993? There's a complete videography. Want to hear when upcoming projects will be completed? That's here too!

In the Quantum Duck area you can read Quantum Duck comics, explore the story and character backgrounds of Quantum Duck, and figure out what the heck a Quantum Duck IS in the first place!

In the Aye-Aye area you can do all sorts of things. This section is a catch-all of personal observations, ideas, and random links. You can figure out what on earth an Aye-aye is. You can check in on the Typography Awards. You can read poorly written lists of random ideas, and you can check out FAQs! I am given to understand that people LOVE FAQs.

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